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Hello Advertisers!

Welcome to Wordlink-Now, a soon to be advertising REVOLUTION. The next couple of minutes would tell you how to get your business listed on this website and why joining hands with us would give your business unlimited visibility for a very limited price. The traditional yellow pages directory has made way for internet based, dynamic directory. Online business listing has become the fastest growing and farthest reaching platform which clients resort to; to connect to the businesses they are looking for. One common problem plaguing the online directories has been the ability to show relevant results to the user from hundreds and thousands of similar listings. Price has been used as a deciding factor by a lot of websites but as predicted by us more than an year ago, that business model was unsustainable and true to our words, a lot of them have eventually failed. The reason being simple, they had a high proportion of unhappy, free listed businesses compared to the happier, paid ones. That is how we decided to come up with a middle ground, where all clients are treated equally and all the businesses stand a chance to be listed on page one, depending on the user's search query.
Our Vision:
We at Wordlink-Now are committed in our stand against advertising corruption. We provide a ground breaking business listing solution, where the page your ad gets listed on does NOT depend upon how much you pay for it. All our clients pay us the same amount. The logical question would be, "How do we decide the listing order of our advertisers?" The first listing in the category will be on top, and then the next one below it. What happens if you get too far down? We have a trademarked, scientific algorithm to sort this out. The search results on Wordlink-Now will get sorted according to RELEVANCE of what the particular user is looking for. This goes in hand with our deep rooted belief of rooting out all forms of partiality. The listings will still stay in the same order, but other relevant listings based on what the user is looking for will surface to the top if they are too far down. Now you don't have to worry about your listing disappearing in the crowd. If somebody needs to find you based on their search, they will. Since starting out in December 2011, we have had over 2.4 million hits on our website which would only get better.

What you pay and what you get?
A one-time fee of $12 is all we charge ALL our clients. NO CONDITIONS APPLY! In return, we host your business listing for the life of your business! No monthly fees, no annual discounts, no annoying requests to renew your subscription! You get to express your business via 20 images and UNLIMITED text. What's more? You have the liberty of using more images through slideshows and sliders.
As our association grows and ambitious business houses join us, we would be taking giant steps towards making Wordlink-Now the world's most sought after business directory. We welcome any suggestion that can help us serve our clients better, at a lower cost and keep moving forward. Hope to see you on board!

The Yellow Pages Online Business Directory as a Means for Your Advertising and Marketing of Your Business

No business can be successful without good advertising and marketing and there are no two ways about it. To get your business into the attention of potential customers, different methods are available. However, it is only worthwhile to use those ways which keep fulfill all requirements and deliver results without any compromise on quality. In the old days, yellow pages were the best bet and they delivered well also. Yellow pages are business directories in print that arrange listed businesses according to their products and services and a staple choice for advertisers but with the evolution in the medium of advertising and marketing, new ways have come up. Internet has been the biggest influence given the millions who flock the web everyday and this makes it an inevitable choice for business advertising. This is how yellow pages have found a new home in internet. Now the method of using a business directory to promote business has been taken to a new level by internet.
Business directories are the one stop answer for all your needs when it comes to advertising your company or services. Online business directories are visited by thousands of people who search on these sites. Moreover, one can place images, update addresses, and put advertisements etc. which makes them all the more attractive. Business directories are arranged by categories which can be arranged based on products and services, and even based on geographical location. To list your business, one needs to pay a onetime fee which is valid for lifetime and one is provided with a business logo to facilitate searching and increase visibility. Our yellow pages listings can be local, national, and international. Visibility is enhanced once you list your business as search engines use business directories based on their rankings to display the various businesses in a given location or area. This means that the exposure of your business website is increased and more traffic is redirected to your site.
A business directory which is well set will ensure that your business page gets a high ranking and is prominently displayed whenever someone runs a search on a search engine. Moreover, you can list your business in one category or also in sub categories that are more detailed and specifically categorized. This type of precise search feature ensures that potential customers who require special services can also get to you easily.
The other reason why online business directories or yellow pages are a great choice is that they are highly economical and cost effective, with some sites offering free of charge service. Thought the free of charge services do not retain enough quality, even paid services are very thrifty and can be considered virtually inexpensive. This is very important as every enterprise wants to ensure that advertising does not take up a large chunk of the budget itself.
Thus it can be seen that online business directories can be great marketing tools which provide efficient exposure to your business.


Are you a psychiatrist and want to earn a free listing?

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By coming to this website, you agree to our Terms and Conditions of this website, designed to help everybody around the world.

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BUSINESS icon added to each listing, can be used on your website

Click on the BUSINESS icon below to go to the sample business listing:

The BUSINESS icon that is now standard with every listing. Once you have paid for your listing, you get a duplicate copy on your dashboard. You can click on this copy that is on your dashboard to get the snippet of code for it.

That code is specific to your business listing, and is created by the website after you pay for your listing. You can, if you wish, use that code to attach the BUSINESS icon on your website. Once somebody clicks on it, it will re-direct that person back to your business listing on the website. With the ability for unlimited text, numerous pictures that are still and in the forms of a slideshow and slider, you can get farther enhancement of your advertising needs.

Once you create your listing, before you pay, you have the ability to preview it. Hit "submit" to add you listing. It will take you to "activate listing" section. At that time your title for your business description is a link. Click on it for your preview without the pictures added.

The ability to add your pictures, use the slideshow, and the slider is currently on your dashboard after you pay for your listing, which involves the text and other basics is unique to other business directories.


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